dinsdag 7 juni 2011

HeWhoCannotBeNamed – Sunday School Massacre

HeWhoCannotBeNamed – Sunday School Massacre
No Balls – 2011
Waardering: ***

I reckon it would be absolutely awesome when you could brag to other students that your teacher is that naked guitar playing dingbat of the Dwarves. Cause many of the songs featured on the solo-debut of the axe-slinger hiding behind a mask and the name HeWhoCannotBeNamed are apparently written during the periods when he acted as teacher and counselor. On the album Sunday School Massacre he opens a can of other Dwarves members like Blag Dahlia, Andy Selway and Nick Oliveri to translate his experiences to music. The result is a record, which just as easily could be labeled as being a Dwarves one. Although it often hints at a more meaningful layer throughout the songs and has a little less infantile humor. Or is it all a joke anyway? Just like his dead in 1993? Has HeWho really ever worked as a counselor? Fact is that sir HeWho has released a decent album; and we know that his superpower lies with the guitar and not as a vocalist…

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