donderdag 23 juni 2011

Davila 666 – Tan Bajo

Davila 666 – Tan Bajo
Konkurrent / InTheRed – 2011
Rock, Garage, Psychedelica, Punk
Waardering: ****

Tan Bajo is one of those albums which sound like it was recorded between half-empty paint cans, indefinable spots and buckets full of chemicals. The Puerto Rican gentlemen of Davila 666 also let the impression exist that they might have been sniffing those fumes for quite a long time. With a hefty dose of sixties and seventies garage the freaks find themselves interlacing the whole with some blues, psychedelics and doo-wop. With an obvious love for Ramones-punk, Black Lips-blues and early Stones-rock they deliver a nice selection of fuzzed out bubblegum melodies. Their version of the six six sixties garage exhumes a sincere amount of restrained savageness by the lack of drums on one moment and only handclaps the next. Deliciously primitive, ominous and with a sense of impending doom probably due to the Spanish language. Perhaps it is after all possible to do more on the island then lose yourself in cheap lukewarm rum and cold hamburgers. Like for instance enjoy these noisy little punks who have no patience with big words like freedom, truth and honor. No, these guys just want to play and get drunk and no longer be reminded of the pain of being a man. Just dance into the night with a bottle of beer or rum while somewhere in the distance the sound of hope and the old raucous sound of a jukebox dissipates the suspicion that even on a Caribbean Island loneliness should only be tasted in moderation. No, let it go to yer head; just like the smell of those paint cans…

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