donderdag 5 mei 2011

Tex And The Horseheads – Tex And The Horseheads

Tex And The Horseheads – Tex And The Horseheads
Enigma / Bemisbrain – 1984
Rock, (Cow)Punk, Blues
Waardering: ****

When Dean Chamberlain decided to close his Dominion studio, Dave Catching brought the gear Fred had learned to record on out to the Rancho. Dave had already been playing with some great L.A. bands like Tex And The Horseheads and The Ringling Sisters; of which Fred had done some recording. Tex And The Horseheads are one of the wilder exponents and maybe founders of the cow-punk genre. A kin to bands like Gun Club it ofcourse featured Mike Martt who also joined the Gun Club’s last line-up in 1995 and singer Linda ‘Texacola’ Jones who was Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s girlfriend at the time. The Horseheads released two full-sized albums, a self titled one in 1984, Life’s So Cool in 1985 and an EP called Big House III later that year. There is also an official bootleg recorded on the Pandora festival in, Rotterdam Holland in 1986 also featuring a few songs recorded at the Effenaar in Eindhoven Holland a week later. It’s that most raucous of no nonsense rock and can only lead to drug and alcohol abuse; add to this that feeling of travelling down a lost highway with the scent of dead animals and spilled whisky with to top it all off the hysteric vocals of Texacola and you know you are right smack dab in the middle of train wreck waiting to happen… On a side note; Dave’s connection via Tex with the Palm Desert was multiple. The band already played at one of the generator parties organized by Mario Lalli and his band Across The River. And before that they met at some friend’s birthday bash, which featured Across The River and guys from Black Flag. Now those are the freakin birthday parties I would love to go to… Mario Lalli wearing one of those cardboard party-hats. Can you imagine that?

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