dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Smith and Pyle - Its Okay To Be Happy

Smith and Pyle - Its Okay To Be Happy
Urban Prairie Records – 2008
Waardering: ****

So the weekend is over and the Queens of The Stone Age show absorbed. The first part of the evening was definitely good. Hearing the self titled record performed in its entirety. Although the crowd was awful and the night ended prematurely with them only adding five extra songs. Still; heard some good stuff. So; let’s continue with the Rancho De La Luna month with another ‘weird’ but excellent album! The American Smith and Pyle exists out of two lovely ladies who are mainly known by their acting career consisting of several movies and television series. Shawnee Smith has gotten known in recent years thanks to her Amanda Shaw roll in the Saw movies. Her musical career started around the year 2000 with a little known band called FyDollahHo, which also featured the current Metallica bassplayer Robert Trujillo. Which turned out a pretty decent record called Untied in 2001. Heavy hardrock with a little spat of Americana. Missi Pyle; the other of the name giving duo has gotten known by her supporting roll in the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory featuring Johnny Depp where she plays Mrs.Beauregard; the mother of the girl that needs to be first place at everything. In the musicworld she’s still largely unknown. But together they form the alternative country band Smith And Pyle. Their first album It’s Okay To Be Happy from 2008 was recorded at Rancho De La Luna with guidance of Chris Goss. The entire album is filled with sparkling rocksongs heavy laden with country and humor. It’s a perfect album for summer days and festival glades…

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