dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Hulk – The Codeine Sessions

Hulk – The Codeine Sessions
Collaborate – 2006
Waardering: ****

And since we posted a band from Belgium for this weeks weekend break. I guess it’s the right time to talk about the Belgian connection. The Belgian connection to the Rancho De La Luna ofcourse. Cause quite a few of those guys have set foot in the Rancho. Let’s start with the rockers called Hulk; or Hulkk as they were also called at one moment in time. Their album Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives from 2005 was recorded at the Rancho and featured guest performances by Brant Bjork, Chris Goss, Jesse Hughes & David Catching; who also did the production. They also recorded enough extra songs for an EP entitled The Codeine Sessions which they released a year later. Again sporting performances by Jesse Hughes, Brant Bjork, Dave Catching and Chris Goss. They might push back their original Hulk sound a bit; which might cause distress among their fans; but in this way give us a taster of what the Palm Desert sound might mean. Keep Talking is their true Hulk rock song; Gimme Some Skin featuring Jesse is a pure Eagles of Death Metal song and the others also give the feeling your listening to some kind of project featuring the best of the best. And this is alright too! But ofcourse the band were responsible for all the tracks themselves and in good Rancho fashion the residents just dropped by on occasion or by accident and started jamming with them. And this they hope to do again some day singer Renaud Mayeur professed…

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