maandag 9 mei 2011

The Giraffes – Prime Motivator

The Giraffes – Prime Motivator
Crustacean Records
Waardering: ****

Now that the weekend break is over we can continue along with posting all that wonderful Rancho De La Luna affiliated stuff. And since we have already addressed some of the starting points it is now time to take a look at the possibly lesser known stuff to which the magic soul of the Rancho will inevitably lead. For instance; the fourth album Prime Motivator by Brooklyn based band The Giraffes. (Not the Seattle one) Prime Motivator was recorded at Rancho De La Luna and masterly produced by Dave Catching. And without a doubt we can claim this is their best album to date. A lovely mix of punk, metal, rock, surf, rock ’n roll and a dash of stoner brought to you by four crazy guys. Although the band has been reduced to three on a lot of occasions due to the mysterious heart condition suffered by singer Aaron Lazar. Powerful riffs and pointy guitar-licks interchanged with metal chords and surf waves. Add to this some background vocals by Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes and Melissa Auf Der Maur and we can enjoy a classic and very hot summer rock album. Dave Catching together with Ed Monsef show once again what kind of magical stuff they do so well. A dastardly album filled with great songs, which are all chuck full with energy, aggression and mild psychosis. So let’s stay tuned for the new The Giraffes album Farewell, Fat Astronaut about to be released… For that one must surely be just as wicked!

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