zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Gingerpig – The Ways of The Gingerpig

Gingerpig – The Ways of The Gingerpig
Suburban – 2011
Rock, Hard, Free, Psych, Stoner, Soul, Funk, Prog, Jazz, Blues
Waardering: ****

As a sort of 'weekend break' during this Rancho De La Luna Month I wish to bring you a couple of albums I cannot bear waiting with until june. Cause these are all absolutely brilliant and I've been waiting for all of them for a while now. As for this one for instance: I’ve been waiting for a few years now for the debut album The Ways of The Gingerpig by the Dutch band Gingerpig. For those who saw them during Roadburn Introduces know who they are. Founded by Boudewijn Bonebakker, who used to be part of deathmetal-band Gorefest, his new band is a perfect piece of free rock. With a screaming Hammond we swirl though eight incredible songs. With the sixties and the seventies as banner and with the ghosts of Zappa and Beefheart on their shoulder we are served a mixture of blues, progressive, jazz and hardrock on a plate without edges. And all those different styles are neatly fused together to deliver one perfect treasure chest filled with musical wealth. Tasty bombastic without becoming overwhelming and often chased as if the Devil really is on his heels. And everything recorded analog and live. And then we have conservatory drummer Maarten Poirters who succeeds, without a doubt, in making us forget about former drummer Ries Doms; freakishly good in his fills and even better in space. A truly wonderful debut effort on which the Bonebakker vocals serve as beautiful icing on the cake!

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