dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Fred Drake – Twice Shy

Fred Drake – Twice Shy
Cholla Records – 2001
Rock, Folk, Singer/songwriter, Psychedelic
Waardering: ****

Before finding his place in the desert and founding the Rancho De La Luna studios honorable Fred Drake had already been making name for himself in Los Angeles. He played in bands such as Telekin, Ministry of Fools, House of Love, Resurrection and The Shy Party. Released one year prior to his death Fred Drake stated about his solo album Twice Shy: “Although many a moon has passed and many a boy band too, through me, to you, this is the record that I moved to the desert to make.” With only some mastering help provided by Mark Chalecki who has worked with a massive amount of artists. (Earthlings?, Goatsnake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sun0))), Jimmy Eat World, Skee-Lo, Nine Pound Hammer and many more.) Fred Drake arranged, wrote and recorded the entire album by himself. Except ofcourse for the cover versions of I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry and Blue Moon. This solitary achievement not only excels in musicianship it also accomplishes something not many albums can; to set a mood and to paint a picture as if you were there at its conception. It hints at deep sadness and makes one dream and float on ghostly sounds. And when you concentrate on that too much; it just goes. It’s melodic and holds that old cowboy playing guitar around the fire adagio in high respect without ever becoming a cliche. It’s the lonesome desert sound captured and distilled so it can pierce every nerve…

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  1. It is definately a very good album. One that might as well be seen as a sort of middle ground to what the Rancho spirit is...