zondag 8 mei 2011

Banderas – Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks

Banderas – Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks
Self released / Suburban – 2008 / 2011
Rock, Dune Boogie, Garage, Stoner, Sleaze
Waardering: ****

And another weekend break record. Although their is a small link towards Rancho De La Luna. For Dave Angstrom who we know of Supafuzz, Black Cat Bone, Candy Says, Devil May Care and his new band Asylum On The Hill is the man who is promoting the hell out of there guys. And he is also ofcourse the guy from Hermano; which features John Garcia among others. This feel like playing that silly Kevin Bacon game. Anyhoo... Another record I’ve been waiting for; for a couple of years. Recorded in 2008 and only released locally by the six gentlemen of the American rock band Banderas. And now finally their debut-album Beast Sounds And Parlour Trick will see the light of day in the rest of the world. Twelve crazy rock songs that loan stuff from MC5, The Stooges, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, David Bowie and everything that drunkenly sways through the rock’n roll world. It will get the beards waving in the right direction and will let the skirts dance. Catchy, poppy, sleazy and very tasty. The album also features a trippy battleship in the way of the song Madragoria. Freaky shit for these muppets who are a definite live experience. I sure hope they will come to the Netherlands in the near future; together with pusher Dave Angstrom’s and his Asylum On The Hill…

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  1. Great stuff!

    Ps. Here’s some more info on this awesome band…

    Dune buggy pirates with their grappling hooks aimed at the monolith. Banderas is a rock n’ roll ensemble comprised of such celebrated modern day folk heroes as Jeremy Constantinople, Jesse James Ramsey, Cu Silvio, T.R. McHenry, and Donkey. A swaggering, sexual tyrannosaurus unleashed upon the juke joints and the speak easies.
    It’s a big dirty world. Banderas is a big dirty band.
    Banderas formed in ’05 after the constraints of the member’s previous local Cincinnati bands fell to the wayside of musicianship and natural evolution. the results are what has been coined “dune boogie” a blend of get out and dance garage rock, swaggering desert tinged stoner rock, and everything else grandiose along the way.
    Spending the first year honing their craft live, Banderas shows became things of cult legend. Stories quickly surfaced of the band’s line treading nature and thier ability to figuratively and literally set the local bars on fire. Banderas found themselves in high demand and became a go to group to open for established touring acts and the headliners for the Poison Room’s Toxic Fest as well as Cincypunk VI. The buzz culminated in late ’07 to Banderas winning the Cincinnati Entertainment Award by local newspaper Citybeat for best local hard rock band, an award they have thus far been nominated twice for.
    2008 arrives with Banderas entering the David Lynchian landscape of Candyland Recording Studios armed with the studio wizardry of Jim Turner and Mike Montgomery and recording the full length album “Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks” a 12 verse paean dedicated to the city at night and all of the things that reside in it. From the swaggering hell raising of songs like “Alligators in the Palisades” and the tongue in cheek come-on of “$50 Pyramid Scheme” to the lonely hotel regret of “Ground Out Heel” the album covers, start to finish, all aspects of those night time feelings and characters you meet on way. With the imminent album release and the plan to extend their reach to all neighboring territories and beyond, Banderas is sure to be another shining example as to why Cincinnati is wellspring of musical talent.
    The flags are up, sound the gongs.