donderdag 24 februari 2011

Solarcruiser – Solarcruiser

Solarcruiser – Solarcruiser
Self released – 2010
Waardering: ****

Normally nobody in their right mind would travel to the city of Almere; but when Dutch band Solarcruiser is destined to give another show there, it is an absolute recommendation to conquer all your hesitations and do so anyway. Founded in 2007 by two former members of Born Loco they were ready to throw their first four songs counting EP into the world a couple of months ago. It’s full of archetypal full force pushing stoner with a few moments to float here and there. With a very convincing singer Sanel Kadic you are treated to supreme heavy riffing, swampy bass and dirty drums. Freestyle Desert Rock is what the guys like to call it themselves; and that is exactly what it is. Hopefully the Dutch freaks in the south of the land will not be deprived of a show too long; and let’s hope equally as much that the entire world will be treated to full-sized album soon. Solarcruiser; remember that name!

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