dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Diggeth – 21st Century Nomad

Diggeth – 21st Century Nomad
Bertus/T35 – 2009
Rock/Metal/ ’n Roll/Stoner/Blues
Waardering: ****

The threesome earned their rockspurs in bands such as Social Disaster, Wicked Mystic, Non Divine and Alimentation. So it’s not so strange that we can hear all that experience on their debut album 21st Century Nomad. The story of Dutch born Diggeth, cause that’s the band we are talking about here, starts in the summer over 2004. A year later they released a three songs counting single called One More Yesterday. After which an international tour began, with crowning achievement the opening slot for a Michael Schenker show. Thanks to the fact that percussionist Roel Bruggink also played the drums for the 2008 Schenker tour. In the early spring though he left the band and got replaced by Roel Hartjes; and with this line-up a tour following Sacred Reich commenced. We should be able to state, and surely hope that Diggeth will be around and rising for a long long time. Cause the album is filled with quite a few true rock-diamonds. Nine metal songs which drive one blues rhythms or groove like stoner; but are always honest, hard, rough, raw and heavy! (And since 2011 Hartjes has been replaced by founding member Benjamin Kip…)

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