maandag 14 februari 2011

Colossa – Born To Make A Sound

Colossa – Born To Make A Sound
Goomah/V2 – 2011
Waardering: ***

With their first full-sized album Born To Make A Sound the three amigo’s of Colossa have delivered a promising record. Promising because the qualities of the guys are overly apparent but are not exploding of these tracks. Which might have been more the case on their first EP released two years ago. Maybe the thought was to honor their inspirations more and that it is this reason they might have gotten lost in the example of an idea. And the examples are many; Triggerfinger, Black Keys, Queens of The Stone Age but also Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. During their best moments you get served some grinding psychedelic rock in debt to the blues which is raw and pure. At other times you hear a band which seems to be lacking the nerve to take risks and safely takes the middle road. Colossa; great name, fine record and enough potential to conquer everyone and everything next time around!

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