vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Barbarella – Neon City

Barbarella – Neon City
Self released – 2008
Waardering: ****

Well; we’re still on that train that keeps circling Nijmegen like a vulture looking for some easy prey; cause this is once again where the four headed Barbarella hails from. But these guys are in no way easy prey. Rocking since 2005 their efforts culminated in their first six-track ep called Neon City in 2008. A damn fine record that mostly refers to Queens of The Stone Age but also likes to pay homage to some old grunge heroes. But these guys don’t just steamroll over you with heavy riffing; they also pull back on the throttle and head for higher ground. The quality of the band becomes even more apparent; cause the Dutch aren’t normally very good in creating space. This is where Barbarella can teach a thing or two. Just like in producing an intense 20-minute listening experience that grates, chafes and drags you along. No fillers. I might have to brush away a tiny tear. Tight stuff; this Barbarella!

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