vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Barbarella – I Am The Wolf

Barbarella – I Am The Wolf
Self released – 2011
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Quickly after the release of the genuinely great EP Neon City of rock-formation Barbarella hailing from the lovely town of Nijmegen; the guitarplayer Remco Verweij decided to leave the band. Luckily a replacement was found in Jaap Lagerweij of The Mellotones. And with him they trucked on through the land and delivered smashing shows everywhere they came. And now they are busy recording their first full album under guidance of producer Guido Aalbers. Let’s hope it will not be as smooth and poppy as what the good man usually delivers. First taste I Am The Wolf does not give us a feeling of ease. Although Guido has released some pretty good stuff in recent times; but we will get to that a bit later on. So write down on your calendar; late 2011 a new album by Barbarella. On a sidenote; there is also a song that was born out of collaboration with local rapper Biggie Bigs. When The Shit Hits The Fan makes us relive the days of the soundtrack of Judgment Night. And those were the days!

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