donderdag 3 februari 2011

The Attitudes – Demo

The Attitudes – Demo
Self released – 2008
Rock/Punk/’n Roll/Garage
Waardering: ***

It’s starting to get a little one-sided; all those bands hailing from the dusty fields from the Arnhem/Nijmegen region. But the three guys from The Attitudes are just that; and they have been playing together just for the hell of it since 2006. Well; hell of it. They just started jamming once a week. And regarded their other bands, Splatch, Dear Jane and 27 Speedtrap maybe as the more ‘valid’ ones. That is what is called making music for the fun of it; and that it usually leads to damn good live-shows is not a coincidence. On their 2008 demo they recorded three songs that hail influence from garage, punk and rock ’n roll while making references to bands like The Stooges, Radio Birdman, MC5, The Damned and The Ramones. Lovely tight little ditties that never get to basal as usually the case with punk. Pure playing fun; which is the perfect attitude to make music! (Although the gentlemen are stronger when they play as Dear Jane…)

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