donderdag 27 januari 2011

Krach – Krach

Krach – Krach
Pias – 2011
Waardering: **

Maybe its a little bit of a strange bite to put on this blog; but still… It needs to be done. The once again hailing from Nijmegen, Holland five piece band Krach is now called Krach and no longer known as With Ice. The guys received a helping and very audible hand in production by honorable Torre Florim (De Staat) and chose to implement a lot of elektro in their former sound which could by typecast as jumpy indie rock. It results in a few very good moments; though not enough to really enjoy long. The sound somehow does not feel very convincing and seems to be more used to sell the ‘image’ of a highly interesting band. The mixture of rock, elektro and a small dash of stonerpop is of course a good one and will probably hail all kinds of mad dancing by the drunken freaks in the venue’s; but it does not herald a very interesting listening experience at home. Although we must confess that the sound explosions that now and again molest the ambling songs do sound inspired!

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  1. Here's big ol' Bubba with the Krach link! It is not that bad! I think there are some definite good moments!