vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Emperors – Demo

Emperors – Demo
Self released – 2011
Waardering: ***

As we have said many times before already; Nijmegen is the new hotbed of true rock. This we can for instance hear when we listen to the band that used to be known under the name Emperors of The Black; and are now going on under the new shortened name: Emperors. Founded in 2005 the band used to play mostly covers by bands such as Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Blind Dog, Karma To Burn, Black Sabbath and many more from the bordering genres. With the new name and their own songs ready; the band is ready for a second beginning. A demo with four songs shows them the way. A roadmap through the stonerlandscape; executed by the five gentlemen who already earned their stripes in Bambix, Intero, Stentorian and Phantom Puercos. It is a tight mix of stoner with metal influences; and we all know that this can’t be wrong. And in this case it is again very true; except maybe that of the four songs nothing really lingers in your mind. But on all other fronts; this is righteous stuff and we look forward to a full-sized album!

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