woensdag 19 januari 2011

Anavarin – Morning Haze

Anavarin – Morning Haze
Self released – 2007
Waardering: **

Anavarin hails from the dark and bloody grounds of Nijmegen; the city that has long since captured the rockcity flag; sped off with it and left Eindhoven to inhale their fumes. Its a five piece stoner rock formation that wants to incorporate some progressive influences. Which usually shine through more live than on this Morning Haze ep from 2007. Founded in 2005 the band quickly found a following in their hometown area and was able to release a first live-ep in 2006 called Among The Crowd. Morning Haze however shows more maturity and although it sounds a bit bleak in moments it does shine through like a solid effort. Its groovy rock with multiple vocals lines; which do not always convince (probably due to their age); but it’s always in the vein of Queens of The Stone Age; Porcupine Tree and Colour Haze. I do wonder however what happened to the band; cause after 2008 things go pretty quiet… (Last thing heard was that bassplayer Susan left the band; and two others were found to replace her…)

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