woensdag 1 december 2010

The Rudolfs – Streets of Glass

The Rudolfs – Streets of Glass
Cool Buzz / Sonic Rendezvous – 2010
Waardering: ***

The Dutch, from the city of Katwijk hailing, The Rudolfs have been rocking together since 2003 when they were pushed into the music-classroom due to detention; so we read in their biography. Besides that fact we can also see that bands like The Beatles, Doors, Sonic Youth and Nirvana have influenced their sound. But we can mostly hear this last one in the racket that is their first debut-album called Streets of Glass. Hugely due to the voice of singer Leo van Duyn who sounds a spooky lot like Cobain in some songs. Luckily they never try to become a Nirvana clone and give enough attention to garage, sixties pop and blues. Still, most of the songs just rock away with leisure and are never filled with the angst-laden weight that the big grunge adepts gave their music. Which of course does not need to be a disadvantage; cause how often do you really want to listen to desperate aggrieved dreamers who were never really good in packaging their dejected melancholy in a song? The Rudolfs; pleasant real songs on the edge of the grunge genre…

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