zaterdag 18 december 2010

Number 14

Number 14

A singer gaining forty pounds but losing a pill-addiction; a guitar-player leaving the band after the new album had been finished and the tour begun. All in all; much to deal with for these American freaks. But the Monster has a life of its own. There is no stopping it! And after a couple of decent to doable albums the gang returns with what may easily be called their best effort since Powertrip. On their eight studio-album we can hear their tried by trial method. Muscle rock filled with testosterone that without restraint blows the doors of yer head. Slow and dragging one moment and pounding and punctual the next. It has more Stooges and Hawkwind to it than recent records and at all times delivers a maximum amount of psychedelic dosage. The heavy guys are back and have given us a Magnetic album that once again is exquisitely theatrical, grand and bombastic. Pure black magic that can easily compete with the best of their records. As if Mr. Wyndorf has taken a timemachine to steal comicbooks and the best ingredients of their earlier albums…

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  1. Sorry; drunk as hell... And I need to get back to ma drinking... So hope to figure out what went wrong with the layout tomorrow...

    Guess it has some merit when yer talking about MM... ;)


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