woensdag 22 december 2010

Number 10

Number 10

The first entry of the top 10 goes to a band that can easily be labeled as one of the hardest working bands in the scene. These Norwegians are almost always on tour; the guys never look at a watch during those shows and where they find the time to actually record an album beats the hell out of me. And the album they released this year is their third in two years. And we can be positively sure that there is still more and much more to come. The new record does not intentionally innovate anything they have done before; but their combination of progressive, psychedelic, heavy and raw sounds remain forever inevitably fascinating. Like Starhammer; an epic piece of almost thirteen minutes. The song begins reasonably structured after which a long jam rides you away on a dusty trail that remains exciting throughout the journey. Solo’s like their life depended on it; and in the way the guys play of each other you know that they’re part of one of the best musical teams in the world. A threesome with their own unique idiom, set of rules and styles. And only a few groups can follow that lead…

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  1. They are coming to Spain in April! I got a couple of cds of Motorpsycho, it's a great band!