vrijdag 19 november 2010

Ortega – 1634

Ortega – 1634
Self Released – 2010
Waardering: ****

The four gentlemen from Groningen calling them selves Ortega are offering their record 1634 for free as a download. I hope people take a lot of advantage of this; cause it’s a kinghell of a record. Atmospherical pieces and slow dragging riffs are mixed with dreamy waves and a pounding musical storm. Comparisons with greatness like Neurosis or Isis are just and the seaworthy voyage adventure concept of the record tells a truly compelling story. Hottdamn; and only now does the quarter drop. I first discovered Capt. Ortega's logbook in a monastery overlooking the ocean. On The morning of February 13, 1634, Capt. Ortega anchored his ship behind a barrier reef… Enfin, the rest is an insane tale about tiny underwater creatures not even bigger then a thumb and a Tooter which not many people will ever believe… But you know there's something about Capt. Otega's story. That makes me believe it’s true… Let’s hope that our Groningen friends keep enjoying many; many adventures…

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  1. The download at our myspace is a three track promo, not the complete album ;-)

    Yours truly,
    Cpt Ortega