vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

U.S. Christmas – Run Thick In The Night

U.S. Christmas – Run Thick In The Night
Neurot – 2010
Waardering: ****

The gentlemen and woman of U.S Christmas chose an incredibly awful name for their band. Luckily; this is nowhere near any reflection of the music the group produces. On their new record Run Thick In The Night the seven-headed monster displays a wonderful combination of a multitude of music-genres. Slow, wrecking psychedelic bluesrock interchanged with slicing guitars and walls of sound not alien to bands like Neurosis. After which the sound is brought down again and they intersperse some Americana, folk or country after which the tempo rises once more and so does the volume. And this continues on, for more then 76 minutes! The mostly melancholic and gloomy timbre needs to be experienced, not just listened. A darkened room, headphones and doors locked so nobody can disturb. Damn fine record for these early evenings during this rainy fall…

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