vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Tricorn – Tricorn

Tricorn – Tricorn
Self released – 2009
Waardering: ****

You have to attend a show performed by the band originating from Portsmouth England called Tricorn for a lesson in how to bring pure stoner with an awesome groove. Recorded in sunny Greece, their self titled debut album sounds like a true ode to how it all got started. The foursome have already made a name for themselves in the earlier named Greece and also Germany with their explosive mix of old school stoner, interlaced with some grunge and metal influences. Think Fu Manchu, Kyuss and of course Sabbath. A dash of Alice in Chains and an occasional reminder of Orange Goblin. Think raw, smokey and smelling of whisky and beer type vocals over aggressive riffing and a driving force. Crunchy, tasty and the absolute right choice for any begin of a memorable night. Let’s hope these guys come our way real fast… Or perhaps are invited to perform at Roadburn 2010? Grin!

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