dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Nosfell – Nosfell

Nosfell – Nosfell
Polydor/V2 – 2009
Waardering: ****

Strange creatures; those guys that hide behind the name Nosfell. Cause it is not only the name of the Frenchy who besides Nosell also refers to himself as Labyala Fela Da Jawid Fel; which means something along the lines of ‘The Man Who Walks And Heals’. It is also the name of the trio comprised of a cellist; a drummer and multi-instrumentalist Nosfell himself. But this is not the only reason we can call these guys strange or maybe weird; cause they also claim to hail from the planet Klokochazia. That’s why most of the lyrics are of course sung in Klokobetz; the mother tongue. Well, enough with all the silliness; let’s leave that on some stool somewhere or maybe a dressoir. Produced by Alain Johannes their third self titled record in a wonderful piece of music. Different, diverse and enthralling. Besides Alain we also hear Josh Homme and Brody Dalle doing a little ditty; in a song reminiscent of something Waits called Bargain Healers; which by a matter of fact is the first song in which husband and wife both do a first voice bit. We get pulled down the waterfall of musical emotion that sounds like pure rock, inspires with jumpy funk and captivates the soul with folkballads. Tres gracieux!

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