donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Gram Rabbit – Miracles & Metaphors

Gram Rabbit – Miracles & Metaphors
Cobraside – 2010
Waardering: *****

How silently can a majestic album be unleashed upon the world? The fourth full-length album called Miracles & Metaphors of the Palm Desert / Joshua Tree pyscho-electropop formation Gram Rabbit has appeared a few weeks ago without any press whatsoever. (Or as they like to call the music themselves: desert-space-rock-tronica.) Without any doubt Miracles & Metaphors is their best album yet; and their earlier ones were already pretty damn incredible. What is that magic that that little part of the desert seems to do? Every band hailing from that little place in the world or at one point recorded an album out there; seems to carry a part of that experience with them forever and they also carry it out. On Miracles & Metaphors you can again hear that capricious, mystical and spacious sound. Josh Homme and Chris Goss would be extremely proud of the gentlemen and their frontwoman Jessika von Rabbit. It grates, shaves and bumps but it is also extremely sexy, sensual and other worldly. It’s enough to give you red red bunny ears!

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