vrijdag 30 juli 2010

91’s – First Blood

91’s – First Blood
Self Released – 2010
Waardering: ****

The three honourable gentlemen of 91’s hailing form the dark and bloody grounds of Pensylvania in the United States have been playing together sinds may in the year of our lord 2009 and have played their first ever show in november of that year. And not a year has passed since then; but still we are now treated to a ten track record that stands tall like a midget on a giant’s shoulders. With the album First Blood the trio makes a powerful statement. This is where you need to go for your dosasge of pure rock, of stoner and psychedelics and espescially the kind that looks back to all that wonderful stuff from the seventies without becoming retro. And the freaks never waver a moment to spice things up with some heavy groove or funk. They slacken the guitarsnares to create a calm moment here and there and put some peddle to the metal to have that heavy riding. Add to this a haunting and very delivering singer who in time reminds of a Pete Stahl (Goatsnake / Orquesta Del Desierto) and you know you’ve gotten yer hands on some true quality! But the fans need to be quic cause apparently the record is almost sold out?

“SERIOUSLY only 1 copy left of our album First Blood on www.cdbaby.com. We have about 6 copies left in total. GET IT OR MISS IT!!!”


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  1. Sweet, this is a damn good record, thanks very much. Got to love the power trio, ideal number for rock.