woensdag 20 januari 2010

Hooghwater - Hooghwater EP

Hooghwater - Hooghwater EP
Quadrofoon – 2008
Waardering: *****

When the first EP of Dutch Hooghwater graced my ears in 2008; it took my breath away. Where had this band come from and how were they able to produce five stunning tracks without getting any notice in the press? Even now, after they released their full-sized album Echos last year; they have yet to receive the attention they deserve. The five tracks from 2008 are full of driving grooves and hinted at the extremely diverse and convincing psychedelica they would end up making for Echos. A great mix of energetic garagerock, melodic stoner and sixties melancholy. Back then they produced this thing with only the three before become the foursome they are now. Let’s blow up the dykes so everyone gets licked by Hooghwater…

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