donderdag 6 juni 2019

King of None – Weightless Waters

King of None – Weightless Waters
Self released – 2019
Rock, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

It is the third release for Finnish five-piece outfit King Of None and it’s definitely the best one to date! After hanging out on the damn fine and freaky hot Fortarock festival last weekend, which caters to all sides of metal, but only a bit to hardrock and stoner, the King Of None sound comes across as the perfect transition. The new release is called Weightless Waters and features six highly metallic stoner tracks. Wild guitar work, filled with excellent riffs and damn fine solos. A bass sound that will make everything bounce and drums which seem to pound animalistic on half of the tracks and almost machinal on the other half. Which in turn almost gives it a sludgy vibe here or there. Gritty absolutely fitting vocals complete the tracks and turns Weightless Waters into an half hour of pure unadulterated stoner metal bliss! Digging the shit out of it!

(Written by JK)

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