vrijdag 1 februari 2019

Black Lung – Ancients

Black Lung – Ancients
Ripple Music / Noisolution – 2019 (March 8th / 22nd)
Doom/Heavy Rock
Rated: *****

I was having a couple of drinks before heading home when The Snake walked in –fuck it. Why is he here now? Ever since kicking the habit, The Snake was the last person I wanted to see. He always had good shit but I was trying to escape that world now. He wandered over to me.

“Alright mate, got some good stuff for you today.”
“Fuck off Snake, I’m clean now and don’t need the stuff you are trying to sell me.”
“But mate, this is top quality Doom. Heavy riffs, top notch solos , the works.”
“Snake, you know I have given up Doom for good. I was sick of female vocals suddenly making a band ‘Occult’ or just slowing some 2nd hand Sabbath riffs down and playing some blues over the top.”
“Tony, this is different. This is really great. Tell you what. Listen to the first track for free. If you don’t like it, walk away, no charge”

It did sound tempting and to be honest could a little bit of Doom hurt? I slipped some headphones on and Snake put the 1st track on. DOOOOM!!! Thick heavy doom with thunderous riffs that had a feral urgency to them. Impassioned vocals over solos that went straight to my brain. And so quickly and easily I was hooked again. Black Lung had become my drug of choice and their album Ancients a contender for my end of year list.

(Written by Tony Maim)

Thanks to Richard S Jones & Sheltered Life PR for the promo.

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