donderdag 2 augustus 2018

Hyperwülff – Volume II: The Divide

Hyperwülff – Volume II: The Divide
Shove/Deathcrush/Dischi Bervisti/Teschio Dischi/Roughness Noise – 2018
Metal, Core, Black, Sludge, Doom
Rated: ***

Volume I: Erion Speaks was released in 2015 and felt like a blackened metal and sludge core translation of the Divine Comedy. And now, Hyperwülff is back with Volume II: The Divide to show us all there are even more layers beyond those seven that Dante told us about. That’s how it feels. But in truth there is a different backstory to this charcoal release. The Italians begin their story on the battlefield where the last fight against Robogoat takes place. It ends in the demise of the great Wulf and the Goat both. After which Hyperwülff is forced to roam the universe devoid of physical form in search of way to regain a body before being swept away through the dark layers of the Universe. Yes. Much weirder indeed. But in truth, the backstory isn’t all that necessary, one can imagine even darker adventures when listening to the album. The growls, the howls, it all sounds intensely twisted and evil. And the musical tones, ominous throughout! At least, that’s how it starts. And then with the Last Ride track (which also has an official video) the veil is lifted and instead of standing their ground, they’re on the move in a very big way! And even though the thunder does return, the sky clears and green light does appear. Big time. And that’s exactly what this Italian duo has produced with the new album, something big. Something big, bold and beautiful, in all its dark and twisted glory!

(Written by JK)

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