donderdag 5 januari 2017

The four tardy lists…

The four tardy lists…

Well, we’re almost done now with all that great music from 2016. Don’t worry, we shall ofcourse continue to listen to all those magical records. But, as for the posts go, we shall post one or two more things about 2016. And they we shall be off to look at all the new stuff arriving at our doorstep. For we are sure there is a lot more goodness to come in this new year of our lord 2017. And we shall hope it will be a great year for music, for the world and for all you lovely freaks out there. Make sure you do your best and enjoy every freakin moment!

But as mentioned we received some wonderful lists this year, some of which could not be used due to the fact we received them late… But let’s just post them below… Three of them signed off on me posting them… So here they are:

Leo from Brazil

As always, not much stoner, but amine contribution to your great site. Cheers from Brazil. Leo
1.    Svartanatt – Svartanatt
2.    Bright Curse – Before the Shore
3.    The Drones – Feelin Kinda Free
4.    Horseburner - Dead Seeds, Barren Soil
5.    1000mods- Repeated Exposure to…
6.    RHCP - The Getaway
7.    Holocaust - Predator (02/12/2015) Part The Courage to Be, part Primal, part myth. Some sleazy rock, some 80’s goth and lot of true rock on another great release by a stellar band. It’s a 2015 album, but the vinyl was only released on jun/16. Cheat?
8.    Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker - Long Way to the Light
9.    Lizzies – Good Luck
10.  White Lung – Paradise
11.  Ascalon - Reflections
12.  Niechęć - S/T
13.  Khemmis – Hunted
14.  Blizzen – Genesis Reversed
15.  Netherlands – Audubon
16.  Worshipper – Shadow Hymns
17.  Salem’s Pot – Pronounce This!
18.  Gorilla Pulp – Peyote Queen
19.  Wytch Hazel – Prelude
20.  Thrillkiller – Showdown

Davis from England

Thanks for doing this. Always a good show.
1.    40 Watt Sun – Wider Than The Sky
2.    Whores. – Gold
3.    Gojira – Magma
4.    Vokonis – Olde One Ascending
5.    Tombstoned – II
6.    Holy Grove – Holy Grove
7.    Black Mountain – IV
8.    Wo Fat – Midnight Cometh
9.    Greenleaf – Rise Above The Meadow
10.  Cough – Still They Pray

Tim from the Netherlands

1.    Clouds Taste Satanic – Dawn Of The Satanic Age
2.    Elephant Tree – Elephant Tree
3.    Mondo Drag – The Occultation Of Light
4.    Geezer – Geezer
5.    Trevor’s Head – Tricolossus
6.    Drive By Wire – The Whole Shebang
7.    Desert Colossus – Desert Colossus
8.    Fire Down Below – Viper Vixen Goddess Saint
9.    Herder – Fergean
10.  Komatsu – Recipe For Murder One

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