donderdag 13 oktober 2016

1000Mods – Repeated Exposure To

1000Mods – Repeated Exposure To
Ouga Booga and The Mighty Oug Recordings – 2016
Rock, Hard, Stoner, Doom, Psych
Rated: *****

They entered the Doom Chart of October 2016 on an impressive third spot. And just like the fact that their Super Van Vacation record made the Stoner HiVe Top 20 countdown of 2011. We can count on this new release to make that list as well. And rightfully so! For the third full-sized album Repeated Exposure To by Greek quartet 1000Mods is chuck full of fuzzy riffs, wide guitar vistas and unquestionable good hooks. They’ve been around for exactly ten years now and have without a doubt delivered many great EP’s and albums, but this new record feels like the exact right chaser. Aggressive when it wants to be, wild and groovy or even bluesy. This album has it all, washes down all that came before and is a definite crowning achievement after ten years of playing.

And the boys are on tour through Europe. So check out their schedule and catch them live!

(Written by JK)

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