vrijdag 13 november 2015

Skunk Rider – Smoke Serpent

Skunk Rider – Smoke Serpent
Self released – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Punk
Rated: ***

They hail from the grunge capital of the world and have indeed a no-nonsense-we-make-punky-rock-attitude. But because the love the herb, judging from their name and the name of the album; they turn their grungy take on punk into something stonerrefic. We are talking about the three-piece from Seattle going under the moniker Skunk Rider and debut record Smoke Serpent. Which looks definitely magnificent in your hands and at the right moment, when the lights flickers and bounces of the cover you can almost see that big green dragon come alive. And that’s exactly what the music does to you as well. At certain moments you just groove along and bop your head and think majestic things about Skunk Rider. But then there are those moments when the singer takes center stage, and you start imagining you’re listening to one of the first badly recorded Mudhoney basement tapes or a drunken demo by an eighties metal band. It seems like he tries to sound like something he once heard, but not like himself. The best vocal moments are the end ‘woo’ in the otherwise damn fine Medical Savior track and the weird almost funkdafied Kansas City Gloryhole. But almost everywhere you see a Jay And Silent Bob trying to sing or intentionally raping some Whitney Houston song. It is a shame, cause it distracts so much from the otherwise definitely truckin music!

(Written by JK)

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