donderdag 3 september 2015

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – The Night Creeper

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – The Night Creeper
Rise Above Records – 2015
Rock, Psych, Heavy, Fuzz Riff Fest
Rated: *****

After ‘Mind Control’, which I found a bit ordinary, Uncle Acid return with ten tracks of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched hooks that are simply awesome. A heavier sound which still retains the ‘69/’70 Blue Cheer vibes but at the same time turning up the psychedelic and druggy feel which holds so much allure to warped minds like myself – and indeed you – my dear Stoner HiVe readers. I have had this album on repeat and find myself drifting into the coldness of a foggy London night as twilight descends upon you and the dark, dank shadow shrouded streets beckon with hints of strange pleasures or the kiss of a razor blade only to be jolted out my fevered dream state with a fuzz filled solo and find my head is slowly nodding to the majestic songs that are starting to feel like the best thing I have played for ages. I have a slab of new releases to review and I despair of anything coming close to matching this. Without doubt, this is one of my contenders for Album Of The Year. Five blood soaked stars!

(Written by Tony)

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