donderdag 3 september 2015

Motörhead – Bad Magic

Motörhead – Bad Magic
UDR – 2015
Rock, Hard, Metal
Rated: ***

My pre-show interview almost a year ago got cancelled a few hours before the scheduled time. Without a reason, but between the lines you could hear that the man would be needing all the rest he could get before the final show that night of the European tour. And on stage that night, the man, our God, Lemmy, looked fragile. Something nobody would have thought to say about the Motörhead frontman. After which the shows went on and some got cancelled, just like cancellation last week. So when the new album Bad Magic was released one wondered how it would hold up to all those great records of the past. Would it sounds just as good? Or would it come across as brittle? So let’s state the obvious: Motörhead has been making the same great album for the past forty years. And how good that record is, depends on the state of Lemmy and his muses. And guess what, the for the most part live recorded, Bad Magic, sounds much more vital and fresh than expected. Robust rock songs like Victory Or Die, Fire Storm Hotel and Shoot Out All Of Your Lights are without a doubt fully charged weapons. And Till The End even gives us an emotional Lemmy. Ofcourse there’s also a cover, and this time it’s Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil. And guess what there’s enough power and blood left in the Motörhead gunners to turn it into something evil, dangerous and highly Motörhead. So, put away all the obituaries and remembrance articles, Motörhead is still running the show. I guess there’s some Bad Magic involved…

(Written by JK)

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