zondag 20 september 2015

Mammoth Salmon – Last Vestige Of Humanity

Mammoth Salmon – Last Vestige Of Humanity
Self Released – 2015
Doom, Sludge, Psych, Stoner
Rated: ****

Not sure what the fuck a Mammoth Salmon is but I will guess at a gigantic fish. And that applies to the riffs here – gigantic and low-end slabs of huge sounding tunes that threaten to make your brains slowly ooze out your ears. This is Doom that has enough venom and raspy vocals to veer into Sludge with vicious intent. The fuzzed bass is up front in the mix and powers the songs along as an anchor to the drums that sound like they are being attacked with hatred. The riffs are varied and never get boring. The song writing has the “Iommi” effect – 3 or 4 fantastic riffs all put together in a single track. Although the pace is quite slow, the impact of all the sonic wizardry seem to propel this album along at breakneck speed. A Stoner element creeps in with massive bursts of groove and head nodding passages that are made to stand out with fuzz box stomping solos that are simply awesome. At times the riffs drop out to a single instrument and build up with a gritty psychedelic feel aided by more well placed guitar work. After some great EPs, this band have produced their first album with all six tracks delivering something special. And because they are good guys it is pay-what-you-want from Bandcamp.

(Written by Tony)

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