donderdag 9 januari 2014

My Personal Top 20 of 2013

My Personal Top 20

Depending on the mood, place and longing…

1. Choue
(A beer from the Champagne region in France, especially their triple…)
2. Gambrinus
(A great pils from the Pilzen town in the Czech Republic…)
3. B
(A great and heavy Belgian beer, sometimes sold as Scaldis…)
Ooh wait… I was meant to mention my Top 20 albums of 2013…

As all of you lovely freaks out there know; it’s not easy making a list and checking it twice. Cause it all depends on your mood and the places shift at the very moment you think you’re done. When you take a look the next day you replace five albums with different ones and this goes on and on… In the end though, the list below is the one I sent to The Obelisk this year… And I sent a list of 85 or something to Lucas for his Paranoid Hitsophrenic end year extravaganza… Which will be published soon! So make sure you keep checking his site regularly…
1 Arctic Monkeys – AM
2 American Sharks – American Sharks
3 Doublestone – Wingmakers
4 Komatsu – Manu Armata
5 Monomyth – Monomyth
6 Queens of The Stone Age – Like Clockwork
7 Toner Low – III
8 Yuri Gagarin – Yuri Gagarin
9 Ape Machine – Mangled By The Machine
10 Carousel – Jeweler’s Daughter
11 Voodoo Mule – Voodoo Zoo
12 La Chinga – La Chinga
13 Fuzz – Fuzz
14 Automatic Sam – Sonic Whip
15 Paissano – Paissano
16 The Black Widow’s Project – Heavy Heart
17 Luna Sol – Demo
18 Tomahawk – Oddfellows
19 Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style
20 Maeth – Oceans Into Ashes

4 opmerkingen:

  1. An eclectic list indeed, however, each and everyone of you should be ashamed of yourselves, Earthless released an album this year - good enough to be album of the year in most years, with you lot? Not even in the top 20, for shame :D

  2. Haha, indeed. To be honest; it (Earthless) is not even among the 85 I sent to Lucas. For some reason the album could not grab me as other ones did.

    But I always keep revisiting stuff and who knows; next time around the quarter might drop. (Like it did with Graveyard's' Hissingen Blues; which sort of washed over me the first time around as well. And then became one of my favorite albums...)

    As for the Countdown top 20; it received six points less than American Sharks. So it was all damn close this year. Lots of great albums, high diverse and fragmentary... Something good came along for everyones august taste...

  3. Keep listening, the album is amazing. I recommend a large doobie of your favourite sativa dominant and put it on loud :)

  4. I'm used to like Earthless as well but this one dissapointed a bit (maybe due to high expectations). sound more like a collection of former outtakes.
    still good songs but not the usual quality