maandag 27 januari 2014

Gods Monkey – Slow Hunch

Gods Monkey – Slow Hunch
Ozium Records / Phonosphere / Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Pop
Rated: ***

After the excellent debut album Room For A Pony the Eindhoven born rock effort Gods Monkey aimed for a quick follow-up. But Slow Hunch turned to be plagued with many a setback and emotional pain. Bassplayer Wannes Coolen decided to leave the band and when they finally concluded their search for a new bassist by employing the skills of former 7Zuma7 member Ronald Herregraven; the man sadly passed away from the horror that is cancer. The band decided to buckle on and use the spirit Herregraven had given to the recordings. Marc Lemmen from Miners Of Muzo stepped in to help out on bass and with producing help from Theo van Rock and mastering aid by Peer Rave the foundations that were laid slowly turned into the magnificent arrangements we can now enjoy. And where their debut effort sometimes came across as all over the place; this one is much more structured. They might have lost a bit of that raw and gutter edge; but instead came a layered blues and open heavy rock sound that is much more accessible. Don’t worry, it’s still alternative, there’s still a lot of stoner and it still moves towards Masters Of Reality, Queens Of The Stone Age and Tool but has a more open and poppy feel to it. No longer Gods Monkey; now they’re everyone’s favorite simian primate!

(Written by JK)


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