woensdag 11 september 2013

Weedpecker – Weedpecker

Weedpecker – Weedpecker
Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Grunge
Rated: ****

After releasing the Berenja Pipe / Mindbreath single earlier this year as a teaser for the upcoming album the Polish Weedpecker convinces even more on their full-sized self-titled release. As honorable Matt already explained on said review, the band excels in thick riffs, psychedelic leads and gruff grunge tinted vocals that are among the tastiest in its color scheme available at the moment. But the band amazes even more on their instrumental efforts Don’t Trust Your Elephant and Kraken. They infuse some space and post rock into their heavy stoner metal on those tracks and turn water into wine. After which the heady Sativa Landscapes makes you dream out that alcohol cursing through your veins and leave you hypnotized and even the weird Cheesy Dude and his trek through the Weedfields seems unable to wake you from your intense hallucinations… In fact, he makes your delerium even grander!

(Written by JK)

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  1. Loved the single! But this album is much much much much much better!