dinsdag 17 september 2013

De Staat – I_Con

De Staat – I_Con
Cool Green – Mascot
Rock, Alternative, Pop, Dance, Stoner
Rated: ****

In four years time the original Dutch one man project has carved out a very nice spot for its own and turned into a five man monster. I am talking about De Staat; often scoured and cursed upon by stoner freaks and doom lovers; but I reckon they are missing the point. Even though if Wait For Evolution from 2009 was heavily inspired by Queens of The Stone Age (and Grampall Jookabox) the follow-up moved away from that path and into a very own direction. They never claimed to venture into the realm of the desert and only professed their love for its spirit and attitude. The second album Machinery turned out highly eclectic and as a window-licking window-smasher to most musical conventions it contained an abundance of groove and rhythm. And now on their third release I_Con they step back and look at what they’ve down in the past years. A few straightforward and easy tracks work perfectly to keep you focused on those that do your head in. Like the catchy grooves from All Is Dull and Get It Together. Or the highly danceable mad stomper Witch Doctor, the crazy mash of era’s and styles in Wonderer or the ominous closer The Inevitable End. Amazing…

(Written by JK)

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  1. One of the best bands in Holland right now! That is for sure. I wonder however how the drummer is going to combine Automatic Sam and De Staat ?!