donderdag 12 september 2013

Carousel – Jeweler's Daughter

Carousel – Jeweler's Daughter
Tee Pee Records – 2013
Rock, Hard, Classic, Metal, Stoner
Rated: *****

The menace is loose again. Running fast and loud on the early morning freeway, low in the saddle, nobody smiles, jamming crazy through traffic and ninety miles an hour down the center stripe, missing by inches. Like Genghis Khan on an iron horse; and the horde passes like a burst of dirty thunder… Jeweler’s Daughter is the debut album of the four horsemen from Pittsburgh that formed their band under the name Carousel in the year of our lord 2010 and it starts with a Hell’s Angels roar from the past. Tense for the action, long hair in the wind, beards and bandanas flapping. Drums like the marauding cavalry. Riffs that shine like all that filthy chrome and a vocalist that runs flat out through the eye of a beer can and up your daughter’s leg with no quarter asked and none given. Indeed, Carousel is here to show the squares some class and give’m a whiff of those kicks they’ll never know…

(Written by JK)

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  1. Running through the nightsky on an iron steed on fire!! I LOVE CAROUSEL!