vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Second Grave – Second Grave

Second Grave – Second Grave
Self released – 2012
Rock, Metal, Doom
Rated: ***

The Boston foursome Second Grave is made up out of members that have long since earned their spurs in bands such as Nodscene, Black Pyramid and Obsidian Halo. And then there’s female guitarist/vocalist Krista van Guilder of Warhorse fame that fronts this project. Together they’ve produced six classic metal tracks that lean heavily towards doom. The wonderful aspect of all these nods towards the past is the fact that even though they sound traditional they never sound stale or retro. It’s highly melodic setup and colorful hooks suit their very own take on dark and treacherous metal; cause for the most part they keep to their own tempo. Not too slow and not too fast. Which is a breath of fresh air and a welcome breeze. Can’t wait to hear what else they found behind that red door…

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