dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Mexicoma – Supervoid

Mexicoma – Supervoid
Self released – 2012
Stoner, Rock
Rated: ****

From Umea, Sweden comes the triple guitar, six-piece stoner groove attack that takes the name of Mexicoma.  These guys have been around for years developing their sound by playing shows and writing tunes behind the Swedish scenes but have only emerged recently with this, their first official, worldwide release on bandcamp.  Be forewarned, Mexicoma will blow your hair back and knock you back into next week.  ‘Supervoid’ is a lean and mean 4-song, twenty-minute offering, showing the band as polished, professional and hooky as all hell.  Opening track “Mortified” is a high-octane, catchy as fish in a barrel smoker that’s been in this reviewer’s head for half a year now.  My warning was not meant in jest.  They also show respect and admiration for their rock and roll forefathers with their cover version of Son House’s (traditional hymn) “John The Revelator” with the band’s smoke-tinged vocalist, Magnus Olsson providing the perfect stoner answer to the blues master’s original.  Fuzz, hooks and tons of muscle await in the Supervoid.

(Written by Lucas)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Tons of muscle and awesome stoner! Can't get enough of this one!

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