donderdag 21 februari 2013

Lowburn - Soaring High

Lowburn - Soaring High
Self released - 2013
Rock, Stoner
Rated: ***

Four old Finnish geezers who want to rock, that seems about right with this band who bring back the riffs and the stoner rock I used to know and love (not a lot of bands can do that these days). On this, Lowburn's first EP, you can hear the sounds of the Palm Desert in the background as the guitars get fuzzier with each song, the drums beat louder with each beat, the bass pounds inside your head like a jackhammer, and the vocals crush your insides with each howl. This is how stoner rock was meant to be. These four lads have all been in rock bands before so they aren't spring chickens by any means and know exactly what the hell they are doing. If you close your eyes real tight you can imagine an outdoor concert in the middle of the valley with cheap beers, cigarettes, chicks in bikinis, and some great weed. You might just have found heaven. This band has a lot of potential with all the skilled crafts in their ranks. Just think if Kyuss/Sleep/Unida/Black Sabbath all had relatives that could play musical instruments, Lowburn would be the result!

(Written by Blair)

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  1. O'yeah! I want to be there with you Blair. Durin the desert party provided by Lowburn!