woensdag 27 februari 2013

Early Mammal - Horror at Pleasure

Early Mammal - Horror at Pleasure
Devouter Records - 2013
Experimental, Rock, Space, Psyche
Rated: **

Okay, I don't know where to start with this one. This album from the three lads of Early Mammal from England is all over the place. You get rock, some stoner sprinkled in there, space rock, some psychedelica thrown in for good measure and there is a lot of experimentation on this album. The music is good to pretty good in some places but it is the vocals that wreck it for me. I am not saying that Rob Herian (guitars/vocals) is a bad singer but he isn't a great singer either. But nobody will be able to tell this because his vocals are drowned out by the music. Half the time I didn't even know he was singing because his voice is pushed all the way into the background making it damn near impossible to hear him at certain times. I hope the vocals take center stage on their next album like they’re supposed to. Cause the members have all played in different bands and are damn good; but due to the production it becomes inaudible.

(Written by Blair)

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