vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Barbara and Los Rotos Del Rock – EP

Barbara and Los Rotos Del Rock – EP
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Garage, Punk
Rated: ****

Bárbara González is the name of the lovely, dangerous and a bit scary front woman of Chilean garage rock formation Barbara and Los Rotos Del Rock. On their first seven track counting EP they bring forth their South American stonerrock with a feverous punk energy. Gritty and gravelly their fuzzy tunes sound vaguely erotic and scream out for perilous nights filled with truckloads of cheap beer, horrible rum, excellent Pisco and strange cravings for Borgona’s in the middle of the night. It recalls the spirit of age-old rock ‘n roll and testifies to that love with the Spanish cover version of Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. The follow-up track La Petite Mort shows an awesome ability to provide complete soundtracks for twisted adventures and the closer is one that will either get the blood pumping even faster or have you looking for some herb and paper to finish the night properly.  No bullshit, straight up stoner garage and roll. Perfect for bizarre or sensual escapades in countries where you blood feels to think and the sweat is always dripping…

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  1. Nice tunes! And I might already be in love with Barbara! She got spunk!