woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Dirty Tuesday – Fresh Pot

Dirty Tuesday – Fresh Pot
Self released – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Alternative
Waardering: ****

Will the surrounding area of Utrecht and Amersfoort be conquering the Dutch rock-flag that used to be owned by Eindhoven and then Nijmegen in the near future? When listening to the Fresh Pot EP by the rock formation Dirty Tuesday hailing from that region it has already happened! The guys continue where bands like De Staat and Automatic Sam stopped; onwards and upwards into the stoner-depth. Without losing touch with dirty and classic rock elements. Founded out of regional bands like Stillwater, Impact and Anemic Cinema the group changed course and name in the year 2009. A year later they become victorious at a band competition and the recording for an album begins. The result is one to be proud off; four driving, propelling and pushing songs that are all equal in quality and thanks to marvelous production work sound tight and slick without losing that rough and raw edge. A hefty dose of Foo Fighters; (which also provided the title?) a dash of Queens of The Stone Age and that retro feel captured anew by a band like The Answer. I could use some more of that Fresh Pot!

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  1. Great EP! Love to hear where these guys will go! And would love to hear them live!

    (Mediafire gives probs. Let's try this one.)