vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Treehorn – Hearth

Treehorn – Hearth
Riff Records / Swarm Records / Self released – 2011
Stoner, post, hardcore, sludge
Waardering: ****

Treehorn is made up out of three crazy Italians who have been rocking for at least four years and have now delivered their sophomore album. The first, Anime, was released in 2008 and suffered from an incoherent form of production, was heavy on the hardcore side of things but showed definite promise. Hearth is a step forward on all fronts. You can still hear the hardcore and metal love shine through but it is pushed back and gives room to sludge patterns and a pure stoner formula as used by the greats. They drag you along on their voyage through the bogs and swamps that house the Treehorn. Their sound has that weird magical feeling as if it was all whispered to them by the voice of the old soul of the world; even though they are noisy and extremely hectic, it still sounds pure and simple in all its complexity. But I reckon we all know the deal by now; complexity is the eventual goal of everything. And these guys are definitely on the right track!

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