vrijdag 25 december 2009


Numero 7

There are only a few bands on this world that can deliver the same amount of eagerness, energy and aggression on their fifth studio-album as on their first one. These Greek motherfuckers are one of those bands that can and have been doing that for about nineteen years on end! With that accomplishment they should be mentioned in the same row as illustrious bands like Motörhead and Monster Magnet. And where those bands have been known to keep serving their old but very tasty tricks and treats, these ouzo-guzzling freaks want to keep surprising themselves. Raw rock, tasty riffs and psychedelic solo’s. Among the three of them they are able to put down some fuzzplates in front of you with which you will almost eat your fingers. Through the years, the steady gigging, smoking and drinking has only improved Argy’s vocals and drumming! And when Superfreak switches into lower gears; they produce sounds for the ages… So; pull down the window, open the beers and cruise without destination…

Nightstalker – Superfreak

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